I decided to try out the panorama function on our camera today, I couldn’t figure it out, so I just took three pics and merged them in photoshop 😉

It gives a good perspective of the house and the surrounding areas.

End of week six

They’ve done the gutters, and the roofers are going to get cracking next.

Energex have notified us that there will be no electrical service on Thursday, so I hope that doesn’t mess things up too much!

We’re still working on getting the driveway sorted out, I met with a guy that does landscaping and earth moving to help us out, but I still don’t know when that could be done.

The construction manager called today and warned that we might have to get a retaining wall – more surprises!  Nothing definite yet.  

We also spoke about the issue with the meterbox which shouldn’t be there, I really hope they can resolve it because it’s on the plans so they have trouble getting past that – I was told by head office back in March that this kind of electrical thing would be sorted out on site, since obviously it doesn’t make sense to have two meter boxes.

There’s also a conduit that got smashed by a framer’s nail, it looks like it could be fixed, so I hope they do!

So we do have a couple things to feel a little stressed about.

I just sent a deposit to get the phone contractor to install a 24 point Cat6 ethernet network.  That’s also terrifying because my plans are pretty specific and I can just see someone screwing it up – it’s been difficult to even get to this point and having someone be able to echo back to me what I want in a quote – it has been months of back-and-forth with various companies and contractors.

Here are some photos of where the house is at:

Oh… wow

I got an email from our awesome neighbour last night saying part of our frame was up.  Looks like the progress is coming along nicely now because when we went out there just now this is what we found…

I reckon I could finish the rest off myself, this is looking like a house now!

End of week 5

This week the framers got started, and had a two-day rain setback on thursday and friday.  We’re also working on fixing up our driveway a bit, though I don’t think we’ll be able to do what we want since they’re using the area of the driveway right in front of the house to dump all the supplies and have even built some kind of makeshift skip there.  Here are some photos from today showing where it’s all up to…

Week 4 wrap up

It’s hard to believe it has been 4 weeks since our start date.  We had a solid first week, but then a couple weeks where not much happened.  This week we’ve seen the slab preparation, and today I went out and got to see the concreters putting the final touches on the slab.  It was very muddy and difficult to walk around, but the guys out there seemed to be in good spirits and quite positive about the cool wet weather and said that it would cure the slab nicely.

Plumbing in preparation for slab.
Styrofoam pods for the waffle raft slab.
The waffle grid put into place.
Concreters working on the slab.

Expecting to see more action this week with the framers coming out!

Ace on the House

Since there’s nothing to report on the build this week I thought I’ll take this downtime to let you in on a little show I’ve been listening to.

It’s a podcast show for home improvement, DIY, and all that sort of stuff.  It’s called On The House and it’s hosted by Adam “the funniest carpenter since Jesus” Carolla.  
I’ve been listening for a couple weeks now, and I’ve learnt a lot!  
It’s very inspirational and motivating to get working on your own home projects, and I’ve learnt a lot about tools, and the lingo used in the building industry.  Not to mention a few tips on home building I wish I’d got to consider before building.

I’m already planning a retaining wall I want to build, and I fixed Lauren’s laptop hinges.  I just feel more confident to be ‘handy’ listening to this stuff.

Anyway listen to the show on this website or look it up on iTunes.  It’s free.  I usually just stick my headphones on at work and listen to a show or two throughout the day, they’re about an hour each.

I found out about it because I listen to Penn’s Sunday School which is part of Adam Carolla’s ACE Broadcasting Network, and Adam and Penn were on The Celebrity Apprentice together.  Trump fired them both.
Adam is hilariously offensive too, so it’s win-win really.
Get it on!

Week 1 Photos

Well it’s been a week since earthworks began and we met our Site Supervisor.  Here are some of the things that appeared on the block that made it feel like things are now underway.

Portable Toilet 
Home Sewage Treatment Plant
Temporary Power Box
Temporary Water Tank

It begins

Well folks, the day has arrived.  The site was cut today!

Before and After of the site works

We met with the Site Supervisor afterwards, and have learnt of a few things we need to get cracking, like a few more trees to be removed, potable water for the builders, and the temporary power for the site.  We have a bit to do, there are some forms we need filled in by anyone visiting the site, and the water for the builders needs to be there ASAP.

The builders key is now in our possession, though there is nothing to unlock yet 😛

Our Home Sewage Treatment Plant consultant was also out on site, and she suggested we move our poop tank from near our Outdoor Dining Area to somewhere more accessible and away from the house.  Good call I guess!

Updated front elevation diagram

Since all the decisions have been made, the paperwork is done, and we’re going ahead with the build very soon, I’ve updated the little diagram I made of the front elevation of the house to correctly represent the front door, down pipes, brick colour, and position of the lights.  Also on the left you have see our lovely water feature which consists of three massive tanks of said water. They don’t even all look the same, oh well.

Next time we go out there I’ll try to get a photograph of the area so I can stick it in there and put the house and tanks in context of the landscape.  We might be going there to meet the site supervisor soon!

UPDATE: I’ve taken the photograph of the landscape and put the diagram in on the Plans page.