If a photographer came to our house, I think all they would get is a huge bunch of ‘before’ pictures. One day, when we have money and time (haha) we might work towards an ‘after’ picture. I don’t mind putting it out there. We’re young, we don’t have a lot of cash to splash around, and the things in our home do not look like what you would find in a display village. But it’s home.

Well here are some more before’s:

This is creamy coloured coffee table given to us by Daniel’s Brother. it’s not in the best condition, but I am confident I can do something cute with it. I’m planning something pinterest inspired, it will probably  involve mod podge, scrapbook paper and paint. We’ll see. We cant afford to buy anymore furniture, so as soon as the final set of couches arrive, it will be all diy and hand me downs from here on out.

This very sweet and charming chair was an offering from Daniel’s Mum. It’s no in amazing condition but there’s something very sweet about it and I just love it. I think it will look right at home once we have the couches for the living room.

Daniel’s Brother also brought over their old dining set in his ute. Again, it’s not in great condition, but it’s so damn cute. I love the burnt look it has. I’m not sure what we’ll do with it, but I again I’m envisaging some kind of pinterest inspired re-do. For now we are just glad to have some kind of dining table, mainly because it will off set my urge to go out and buy a dining table. So the final decision was to have a hand me down until we are ready to buy what we really want. One day I would really love a big farmhouse style table and pair it with some ultra modern chairs. 

Patio party!

Today was patio day at our house folks!!! We were up and ready for action bright and early today. We have Daniel’s awesome Brother Tom who runs Gold Coast based City-Link here for a few days doing some concreting. Daniel’s Nephew Adam also came to help which was fantastic! Today was the patio as well as some prep work for the driveway tomorrow. 
We had only had one minor hiccup when the bobcat crushed part of a down pipe  But it was easily fixed and we were on our way again. Everything kicked off at 7:30am and we were prepped and ready for the concrete for the patio by 11am. We had a very quick break and then before we knew it the concrete truck arrived.Daniel was well and truly involved in the process, going back and forth with a wheelbarrow full of concrete. The bobcat guy didn’t end up doing much extra for us. At some point we’ll get a guy we’ve had before who has some good heavy equipment and is an excellent operator. 
My job was running back and forth with water, coffees, food, keeping the music pumping and taking pictures. In the midst I also had a guy from Franklyn Blinds here doing a final measure for our blinds. It will apparently be about 2 or 3 weeks before they ‘might’ be ready. 
Anyway, see pics below of the progress throughout the day.
Before- when our patio was mostly used to hold the mower and other junk

Fixed pipe after the bobcat crushed it

Ready for pouring

Daniel schlepping concrete in our amazing and lovely neighbour’s wheelbarrow

Ta da!

Tomorrow will be an even earlier start with the concrete truck scheduled to arrive at 6:00am. Luckily it’s all prepped and ready to go. Tom tells us it won’t involve wheelbarrows which is AWESOME!

In short, we have a patio now and Daniel has the blisters on his hands to prove it. Yay!

Prep work

We’ve been in the house for a month now. It feels normal now. The other day Eaton’s Crossing was completely closed due to an unfortunate accident, however it meant I had to drive home via Clear Mountain. I honestly had no idea that Brisbane had so many stunningly beautiful places. I came across the most amazing views, it was hard to focus on the road!

Closer to home, we’ve been working on getting everything ready for our driveway, porch and patio to be poured. We are lucky enough to have Daniel’s Brother coming to town from Thursday-Sunday to work on this for us. We will have a bobcat here on Thursday to prep the area, so while he is here we will get him to do some other earth moving around the place. We need to widen the area down the side of the house where they cut, and then at some point we’ll build a retaining wall there. We’re also wanting to scatter bark over our front embankment to start turning it into a vertical garden. I’ve been out weeding it every day since Saturday in preparation- I make it sound like there was a huge amount of weeds, but I just do an hour at a time.

Inside the house we are still working on organising all of our belongings. At some point we’ll be ready to setup the guest room, but for now it’s truly not a priority. We’ve got a guy coming on Thursday to measure our windows and doors so they can order our blinds. It will be great to not have to careful in front of the front windows! I don’t think people can see much, but it still is a bit uncomfortable. We’ve also got our new couches coming early December. They can’t come soon enough to be honest! All of our poor guests just have to stand around awkwardly in the kitchen. We don’t even bar stools for people to use since we got rid of ours. The second we put our old ones down in the kitchen we noticed they were rubbing rust on the tiles. So out they went! I’ve got my heart set on some of those silver industrial ones like this, but I’m still looking for the best price. I’ve still got my eye on Gumtree for a traditional dining table to redo too.

We’ll have some pictures of the driveway and patio by the end of the week hopefully. I can barely hold in my excitement about the possibility of actually being able to park in the garage!