Pictures extravaganza

I’m currently sitting in our media room listening to some lovely afternoon rain, the smell of rain and dirt is coming through the window. Amazing! What a day! We had Franklyn Blinds out this morning to to do a quote for blinds and shutters (Yeah…we’ll just be getting blinds for now, the shutters were pricey!$!$!) We then had the lovely M from the Decorating Emporium around for a tour and she came with some cushion covers I won recently in one of her awesome giveaways. She has built the same type of house as us, so it was really exciting to have her over. Later in the afternoon we had my brother and his family over, it’s safe to say that this is the right type of house for kids to run around and find plenty of hiding spots in. It’s been a great day, and it’s now been topped off by an afternoon storm. Daniel and I just spent 20 minutes running around with brooms clearing the down pipes of leaves so that we can collect as much rain as possible. The rain smells divine!

While the house was fairly tidy for all of our weekend visitors we thought we’d take the opportunity to get some photos.

Out of towners

We’ve officially been in the house for 2 weeks now. It feels even more like home now that we have the internet 🙂

I’m really enjoying the longer drive to work. I love being able to drive on roads that have more than 60km speed limits. It’s actually only added ten to fifteen minutes to my drive since there is less traffic. Daniel’s still adjusting and trying to work out the best route, it seems like avoiding Hale street at all costs is the best bet at this stage.

We’ve been trying to get used to coming home and staying home. We’ve always been spoiled in that we lived very close to shopping centres, takeaway and all forms of services. We are trying to keep our trips ‘into town’ to a minimum and grouping tasks together a lot more. It was not uncommon for me to pop into Woolies 3 or 4 times a week when we lived at Mitchelton or Enoggera. We’ve also started keeping a petrol canister filled as backup since we run out of petrol faster than we used to.

We had a bigger fridge delivered last week, so it’s going to make the task of doing a weekly (or less hopefully) grocery shop much simpler. We’ve been living out of a 3/4 sized fridge for the last few years, it’s teeny tiny but it’s served us well. We are absolutely loving the fridge. It has everything so much colder than we are used to, and it’s shiny silverness fits in so well in the kitchen.

Here’s the before and after:

We finally built our bed on the weekend after sleeping on the mattress for 2 weeks. It was kind of nice sleeping on the floor, but it was time to become civilised again.

We’ve got a list about a mile long of things to do. We’ve started looking at different aggregate colour options for our driveway. Most people out here seem to have bitumen driveways, but we just aren’t most people. Hopefully in the next month or two Daniel’s brother will come to stay with us and he will concrete our driveway, porch and patio. The driveway and porch will be exposed aggregate  The patio will be plain concrete because we might eventually either tile it or add decking.

We also need to get the bobcat guy back to do some leveling and spread some top soil around. It’s probably going to be the best option for us to do a retaining wall down one side of the house because the cut for the house was just so deep. Once we do all of this we can at least get started on creating some sort of lawn. Ultimately we would like to lay some turf around the immediate area, but it might be a while before we can do that.

As well as the outside of the house we have a lot of plans inside too. We are starting to get a few companies out to do quotes for blinds, curtains and shutters. We’ll be looking into getting shutters put into the cut out between the activity room and living room as well as the bay window in our room. It would be really good to get a quote for the folding doors between the media and study too, but for now it’s just going to stay as one big room.

One thing’s for sure, nothing makes you feel more like rushing out and buying massive amounts of furniture than moving into a big house. The living and dining room is feeling very empty at the moment, and it will be for quite a while. I keep having to remind myself that the plan is to live here for a long time, so it doesn’t matter if it takes us a while to find our feet and do everything the way we want to. Until then, we are absolutely loving hanging out in the media room on the new couch. We are super glad we got data cabling put in everywhere. We are loving the heat of the kitchen. We love actually having spare spots in the kitchen cupboards. We love the giant bathtub. We love the colour we chose for the walls, it’s exactly what we wanted. We love that we finally did it. We finally have a house!

Everyone’s been asking for more pictures, but to be honest things aren’t very well setup yet. So here’s some pictures of the chaos.

Living room, it’s now empty and awaiting a new set of couches. 

Mid unpacking, let’s not lie or pretend that it really looks
any cleaner or more organised right now. 

3 boxes filled to the brim with couch

I don’t have a picture of ours yet, but we have the black version of this in the
media room, we’ve got it all pushed together like a giant bed. Love!

We’re back from the wilderness!

We’ve officially been in the house for one week now (as of yesterday). I think we can well and truly say we feel at home. We still don’t have internet thanks to Telstra (it was meant to be put on yesterday, but it will now apparently be another week). I can’t believe we are both back at work already.

Last week was exhausting. We had the movers come early Monday Morning and then there were various car trips back and forth from the rental to the house.

We then spent all of Tuesday and Wednesday cleaning up the rental getting ready to give the keys back on Thursday.

We have unpacked a lot, especially in the kitchen, bathroom and main bedroom. However, there is still a hell of a lot to go!

The highlights so far have been cooking in such an amazing kitchen. We have been cooking in a terrible kitchen that took 15 minutes just to boil already hot water for the past year and a half. So it’s amazing to be able to boil things and actually hear that sizzle sound when you put something in the pan! The giant bathtub is also awesome. The size of the shower has been great too. We also had a new couch delivered for the media room. Oh my god, I love it! We’ll post pictures soon. Basically whatever way you lay on it, you can still stretch your legs out, it’s the perfect solution for someone who doesn’t want to get the typical ‘media chairs’ with the cup holders and everything. We’ve also got a new fridge coming on Thursday, it’s going to really come in handy being so far out of town. We are already finding it hard to keep enough food on hand so that we don’t have to trek in to the shops constantly.

Anyway, we’ll provide more of an update soon, with pictures!

I need a nap

We have moved!  5 am start for us today, with a moving truck coming first thing in the morning.  There are apartments being built across the road from our rental with lots of delivery trucks coming in the morning, and it was garbage day, so our whole street here was a truck traffic jam in the morning – pretty hectic! We’re back at our rental now to clean up and get a few last bits and pieces, including the computer which I left behind and it’s still getting Internet 😛

The plumber came back this morning.  Apparently the council wasn’t happy that the hot water system did not have a pipe leading out of it for condensation – the plumbers didn’t include one because that hot water system doesn’t produce a lot of condensation – about 1 drop per year according to him so it was fine to just dribble out.  The council will be back tomorrow to make sure that pipe is there 😛

The plumber asked me about my experiences with Coral, eventually he revealed there had been some big arguments between his company and Coral about who was responsible for leveling and creating a footing for our water tanks.   See we paid $7000 for earthmoving in our contract because of the potential difficulties with site works and such, and then about an extra thousand when the water tanks variation came in.  The site scrape was done in less than a day, and when it came down to it the water tanks area was prepared in less than a day too – so I don’t think they would have come close to using that money.  But they still tried doing the job with the smallest/cheapest equipment possible, which we always knew wasn’t going to work.  According to the plumber; Coral had initially tried to make the plumbers responsible for having the area for the water tanks prepared at their own expense.  Very funny.  Obviously that didn’t work out, and perhaps goes to explain why it took so long for us to get water.

The plumber checked the temperature of our hot water to ensure it did not exceed 50 degrees.   I told him it takes a long time for hot water to reach the ensuite bathroom, but he pretty much said any kind of booster or similar devices would burn up a lot of energy.

We also needed a couple extra Storm Water Gullies put in which were overlooked during the build.  On the weekend we went to the house with my father and brother, and they were convinced the muddy storm water was being fed into the water tanks, which is a pretty foul thought.  According to the contract, and as confirmed by the plumber, the SWGs are connected to the Soakage Pit, which is also used for water tank overflow.   The Soakage Pit is a big hole filled with gravel, and some drain pipes sticking out the top in case it gets full.

The other awesome thing is I also organised a local antenna guy to come out and see if he could get TV reception.   I don’t even want to go into it right now, but it was another bizarre Samford experience.  The short version is that now we have an antenna in an extremely fringe area, with an extremely clear picture to potentially 8 TVs.  Lauren’s excited we won’t even have to miss one episode of Big Brother.  I’m not even joking.

The deets

Handover was on Tuesday, we didn’t really go through any of the details on here. It was such a huge build up to Tuesday for us, especially with the long weekend. On Tuesday morning Daniel got a call from our SS saying that they hadn’t received the money from our bank. I don’t know exactly why they thought that, considering it had been paid by our bank on the previous Thursday, but 20 minutes later the SS called back to say it was all fine.

Daniel met with our SS at the house at 3pm. It was apparently fairly straight forward, the SS changed the locks, installed the new microwave and went through all of the manuals.

We’ve had a lot to organise throughout the week. Surprise, surprise, the temporary water tank guy saved the best for last. We asked him to come and get the tanks on the Friday before handover and he said he would get them the next day, Tuesday came and they were still sitting there! Wednesday…still there. It was starting to get a bit stressful as we were wanting to organise some truckloads of dirt so that we could get the driveway sorted out more. I called him Wednesday night and explained to him that we were starting to worry as they were going to be in the way to do any excavation of the area. He finally removed them Thursday afternoon and we then had loads of dirt and road base delivered on Friday.

We went out for a visit a few times yesterday, and the dirt has been spread nicely, the road base looks great. The road base is still quite loose though, a little bit of rain would be a very good thing right now!

We also had Daniel’s brother come over in the afternoon for a look, and he also gave us a quote to concrete our driveway, porch and patio. So hopefully that will happen soonish.

One of our cars which we’ve been taking loads of stuff in,
it fits in a surprisingly large amount of stuff!

New road base for the driveway

It’s set to be fairly busy over the next week. We have Mini Movers coming at 7am on Monday morning. Before then we still need to do a bit more packing and we have some furniture to pull apart. I’m also trying to get all of our washing done so that it won’t be something to stress about.

We then have the plumber coming at 12 on Monday. We also have an antenna company coming around the same time. That night we have a Telstra technician coming and hopefully the phone will be swtiched on. We then have the next few days to get the rental cleaned up and presentable by midnight Thursday night. The part I’m most excited about is our couch being delivered on Thursday. Friday afternoon we are booked in for a massage at a local retreat to try and fix our broken muscles from moving.


Today (exactly 16 weeks to the day since start date) we got the keys to our brand new house nestled in the glorious Samford Valley!

We had some celebratory Moet this afternoon. I guess Daniel and I aren’t cut out for the finer things in life, because we imagined our celebration would be something like this:

But really the Moet made us do this:

Happy Tuesday everybody!