The long weekend wait

We kind of figure not much will be happening at the house until handover. We visited the house last night and found that the electrician had been back, which also meant he had hooked up the pumps for the water. Yay for running water finally!!! So realistically they left it until the absolute last day possible to get the water up and running. Daniel was excited to find that the electrician had recessed the data and TV points as requested. We can’t speak highly enough of the quality and workmanship of that guy, he has done a fantastic job. I was excited to find that our bedside pendants were finally lowered into the right place. Woohoo!!
The only thing we are waiting on is the final clean of the house, and for the doors to our walk in robe to be put back on. Can’t wait to see the house all clean again, it’s gotten filthy in the last week. 
This afternoon there was an inspection for prospective tenants at our current rental. We went to a lot of effort to make the place presentable despite all of the boxes laying around. We figure it’s in our best interest, hopefully they will find a successful applicant and they won’t have to do any more inspections. 
This morning we went to Far Pavilions to sign off on the couches we want. They won’t be available until December which is a pretty long wait. 
We’ll be spending the rest of our long weekend packing. We hope you are all enjoying your time off. For now, here’s a few more little piccies. 


It’s been rather eventful at the house this week. 
The painter has been back. It’s still not as perfect as it should be, but it’s probably as good as it’s going to get. Daniel was there earlier in the week and the painter had a bit of a whinge to him about the fact that they don’t get paid to come back to do touch ups, and that being a painter is pretty much the worst job you can have with poor conditions and low pay. 
Monday morning Daniel was supposed to meet the valuer from the bank at 8am. Daniel got there at about 8:02am, stood around for an hour waiting and nobody showed up. It wasn’t until much later in the day that the valuer called to say he did the valuation in the morning by looking through the windows. Poor Daniel had just missed the guy by minutes! 
We also had our gas tanks delivered and hooked up Monday by a local company. 
Tuesday morning Daniel was up early again, this time to meet our independent building inspector at 7am. It was a fairly detailed report but didn’t find too many real issues. We’ve raised a few more queries with our SS as a result, just things like two sliding doors that are a bit stiff, a window that is a bit stiff and things like that. 

Probably the most exciting and long awaited event was seeing all three of our water tanks finally installed and plumbed properly. The electrician still needs to come back to get the pump working though. Today we ordered 3 truck loads of water for them so that the plumber can finish everything off. While we were at the house tonight the water truck came, so it was interesting to see how they do it, and how noisy it is! 
Plumbed water tanks
We also had our wheely bins delivered today. We were a bit stunned to find that it costs $250 per year to have bins. I guess we’ve never come across this because we’ve always lived in apartments. It makes you wonder what our rates are even covering when we are paying that for bins, we are providing our own water and waste system too. Meanwhile Moreton Bay Council rates are some of the highest around. 
Spiffy wheely bins
We spent about an hour on Sunday afternoon moving piles of bricks at the house. We went back this afternoon after work to finish the rest off. It’s nice to have them all moved out of the way finally. Now there will be nothing stopping the local temporary water tank guy from coming to collect his leaky tanks. Bonus is that the house looks lovely and unobstructed by bricks and piles of rubbish. 
The bricks we moved today
(this is only half of what we moved all up)
The most wonderful thing to happen this week was seeing fireflies in our new front yard last night! Neither Daniel or I have ever seen fireflies, so it was a fairly unexpected and magical experience. My first reaction was to grab Daniel’s arm and freak out, it all made me feel a bit like we were seeing aliens at first haha. We very quickly realised what they were. It was incredible. I wish we could have got a picture, we’ll keep trying. But who knows if we will see them very often. 

At this stage handover is still expected to be next Tuesday. It will probably just be Daniel going to handover as I already have a 3 day week next week as it is. Stay tuned folks!


We had PCI today. It was meant to be at 2pm but our SS arrived at around 1:30pm so we got off to an early start.

Daniel and I got there a little early and spent some time putting in more light bulbs. We now just need 2 more bulbs for our bedside pendants, we had some cheapies but they just wouldn’t fit, for no logical reason other than they are cheap junk. So we will buy some that cost more than a dollar and see how we go.

Things got moving pretty quickly once our SS arrived. We all started scouring for any problems room by room. To be honest, 99% of the problems were paint work related, and boy were there a lot!! Every room has quite a lot of red dots drawing attention to things the painter will need to fix. Unfortunately a lot of little tiny insects have died in the paint work.

We did the inside of the house first, signed off, then checked the outside of the house. There were very few areas needing attention on the outside of the house. While we were there it started storming, which was perfect timing as two of our three water tanks were plumbed earlier today. Yay for free water from the sky! We will still need to buy a few truck loads of water to start us off, but it was great to see that we are already capturing some rain.

Only two of the tanks have been installed so far. The third fire tank is aluminium and they will need about 4 guys to lift it into place. They won’t have the man power ready until next Friday. Initially our SS was talking about having handover next Friday instead of the following Monday, but then he remembered that the plumber won’t even be back until then, so we should keep handover as the 2nd of October after all. Fine with us! This will also give us a chance to get a few loads of water brought in before then.

While we were at the house the gas fitter came by. He connected up the gas hot water system and left a letter for us to give to the gas company. We’ve chosen a local gas bottle supplier from Samford who apparently get them from Elgas anyway. They will be hooking up the bottles on Monday.

Our carpet has also been installed! It’s Andrew Karaoke carpet. It’s a very dark grey. There wasn’t really a huge amount of choice since we went with the C grade carpet, but it will serve us well as it won’t show up too many marks. It looks a lot nicer than I thought it would, it shows up very dark in photos though. 

We also discovered all of our screens have been fitted. Yay!!! Hopefully this will help with all of the bugs we have come across lately. I’ll still be booking in a pest control spray asap though.

Earlier today we went to the bank to sign off on the final invoice. They explained that we might have to chase the builder for our Occupancy Certificate, as that was apparently an issue with another Coral build earlier in the week. Our SS expects that it should be available next Wednesday, so fingers crossed. The one exciting thing at the bank was that we didn’t realise our original bank loan officer had put an extra few thousand on our loan to cover any unforeseen extras. So it turns out we won’t have to pay cash for our variations (although I guess that means the bank wins there). Anyway, yay, more savings available to us! 
Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly over the next week and a bit. Over the weekend we will be out at the house moving 800 bricks to a better area. Muscle building!! 

Almost a home

We are still scheduled to have our walk through on Friday at 2pm. We have definitely noticed a few issues we want to make sure go on the list to be fixed, mostly painting issues (and a million little bugs that have died on the pantry door while the paint was drying) and a few plastering fix ups.

It seems like we go from stressed, to more stressed these days. But that all went away tonight when we went for a visit. The tiles have been finished and they look great. Our tiler really did a wonderful, high quality job. Our electrician still needs to come back to finish the fit off. HEQ came today and started their fit off for the data and TV points, looks like they will need to come back again too as they aren’t finished. Today the cleaners were there and they’ve left the house looking beautiful. The water tanks are still sitting on their side, the plumber will be back on Friday to install the hot water system and to plumb the water tanks. After the hot water system is installed the gas fitter will be back and then we will need to order our gas tanks. We haven’t heard when carpet and fly screens are going to be installed, but I imagine it will be really soon!
Daniel’s baby: Patch panel installed in the store room.

Mirror and shower screen

Kitchen, well lit with only the pendants. 

Shower screen and mirror

Creepy crawlies have started moving in before us, who gave them a key?

The biggest stress this week has been a ridiculous issue with the potable water tank. Somebody on site decided to be really smart and put a brick under the side of the tank to get more water out of it…which resulted in a crack. As we have mentioned before, the guy who owns the water tank is difficult enough to deal with as it is. The guy was not impressed, and now says we owe him $1000 to replace this shitty old tank (and of course SS claims it’s not their fault, well it isn’t ours either but yet again we cop it). The most annoying part is that we really only need to provide water for another few days. So we have a replacement water tank for the next few days. The only funny thing to come out of all of this is that the tank guy told Daniel this is the 6th time this has happened to one of  his tanks on a building site. And yet the guy still doesn’t bother to develop a proper business model, no insurance, no deposit for the tank, still hasn’t bothered to even invoice us for the time we’ve had the tank, no signage on the tank saying not to touch it, nothing. I can think of more than a few strategies for him to avoid this happening again.

Someone’s smart idea

New shitty tank for potable water

Hopefully from here things will be a bit more smooth. Seriously, how many more issues can come up within the next two weeks? All going well, we will still hopefully have handover on the 2nd of October. We’ll take more photos to share on Friday! Until then, wish us luck, and let’s hope the tradies don’t find something else to wreck.

Water tanks and light bulbs

On Friday morning I had to go round to the house to help flip a water tank.  The builder had delivered two polyethylene tanks the day before.

The tanks come with two guys and they need a third to help flip it off the trailer, so that’s why I had to be there.

Since the tanks already on the area prepared for them were still on their side there wasn’t really enough room to plonk it down there, so we put it nearby.  Hopefully they move them all into place upon installation.

I also noticed the telstra contractors have connected the phone line to the outside of the house.  It looks like they’ve used the conduit that we provided, which is good since they were saying earlier they might retrench it and lay cable without conduit.  The tiler told me they couldn’t do the internal stuff because of his tiling 😛

I don’t know what’s up with that earth stake, they really can’t find a nicer way of doing this?

Earlier today we went out to install some of our lightbulbs, though we couldn’t get everywhere because of loose tiles.  We bought a whole bunch of lightbulbs at bunnings – you know they have these great value packs of bayonet bulbs, but none of the screw ones??  Our kitchen pendants look amazing, we didn’t get to see our bedroom pendants in action because those did turn out to be bayonet fittings, and the bulbs we got for the facade lights were 50W but the fittings are 35W max, so we’ll have to sort that out.

  We also set up the pads for the gas bottles.

Zdjęcia dla mamy

We were able to get a better look at the progress with the electrical and plumbing fit offs this afternoon. The poor electrician and his apprentice were still there at 5:30 and had hours of work left to go still. We could see a lot of work still needed to be done. I felt pretty bad for them, especially as we were driving away and it was getting really dark. 
It’s still been pretty stressful for us, we’ve been told that we have to keep all of the lights and things that weren’t meant to be ordered by Coral. It’s pretty disappointing as it’s about $800 worth of stuff that we don’t need or want. We’ll see what we can do about it, but we don’t really want to push the point. 
Anyway, here are some pictures:


So first things first… PCI is booked for next Friday at 2pm. At this stage handover is likely to be the 1st or 2nd of October (though obviously the 1st is a public holiday). This has been exciting news today, but also very frantic! The amount of information that Daniel has had to retain today is beyond ridiculous, hence the ‘TMI’ as this has all suddenly become too much for one day.

Today our electrical fit off commenced. We took all of our light fittings out to the house last night (in the dark). This part of the process has always been a bit of a worry for us, because we had some pretty specific wishes on our list. Before we even got there this afternoon to check it out we had already had several calls saying that we needed to purchase some light bulbs, and that one of our kitchen pendants was broken.

We got to the house, saw the front lights, everything seems good with those. I went straight to the bedroom and was immediately horrified to find that our bedside pendant lights were WAY too short. After that I could barely focus on anything else because I was so upset that the one thing that I was particularly excited about was all wrong. We also realised the wrong fan had been installed, which was puzzling at first, since we had actually delivered the fan ourselves. Turns out Coral had ordered the things that were in the contract-which we had been told many times not to worry about. So the electrician got confused and just put in the fan that Coral provided, which is exactly the same as ours but with a light in it, and hideous.

Front lights installed
Pendant lights, way too short, and fan with a light, ughhh..
One sad little broken pendant

Toward the end of our visit we looked in the pantry and found a whole heap of stuff that Coral had ordered, which they had already said would not be ordered and we would be credited for. So no idea what will happen with that, hopefully they can just return them.

On the way home we got in touch with the electrician and we were able to explain the issues we had found. He was pretty good about it and will be working on fixing it tomorrow. Luckily the pendant lights in the bedroom just have the chord looped up in the ceiling, so he can lower them (Happy Lauren). We just have to go to Beacon and get them to replace the broken glass in our kitchen pendant lights, and we should then be able to sort this out ourselves because it won’t require an electrician to change the actual glass. He will also switch the fans for us and fix a few other issues.

The oven, cook top and dishwasher have also been installed.

Oven, cook top and range hood

In addition to the electrical stuff, the plumbing fit off has also commenced. The basins, toilets and taps have all been installed.

The water tanks will hopefully be delivered this week and they have setup the sand pad for them to go on. That’s all a bit of a worry for us, but hopefully it will all come together in the end. It’s been extra hard because Coral are providing two of the tanks, and we have to coordinate a third coming from a different supplier.

Pad for the Water tanks

Our potable water tank also ran out again, which was a surprise. This time we have gone with someone else to refill it, and honestly, it has been so much more straightforward. They are going to do it by tomorrow morning, and we have already paid. One sigh of relief right there!

Tiling is due to commence this Thursday, so we will be staying away from the house on those days. I guess that means carpet will go in very soon too.

It feels like there were so many things to finish, and now all of a sudden I can’t even think of what else needs to be done.

This will mean we will be out of our rental in time without having to ask for an extra week. I have already booked mini movers, we both have the day off for PCI and have the second week of October off work to move.

We will add some more photos in the next few days. It was so late when we went today that we really didn’t get many good pictures.

More paint and stuff

The painting has been going on for the last week and a half, but a few other little things have happened.

This is the colour of our front door, and you can see the painted downpipe
on the left, and the painted weatherboard on the right.

We were up last night talking about where they might put the towel rail
in our ensuite, or whether they would put it in at all.
We never really thought about it, but there isn’t really a good spot for it.
We don’t really like what they’ve done, like it’s alright, but not great.
I think we’ll be looking to sort something else out.

Hey! A door knob.

The Toilet roll holder!

OK I know it’s weird to get excited about what is probably a 50 cent door
stopper, but I even went to the trouble of taking a photo of it, so I
must like it.

Some more deliveries, it looks like there is an oven, a dishwasher, and the
hot water system on the left, and the toilets, knobs, and taps on the right.

One of the shower heads.  We don’t love it, but there wasn’t much to choose from.

I took a peek inside one of the boxes.

Sliding door latch.

The towel rail in the main bathroom.  Now here it looks too small for the
space that it’s in, hmm…

Clothes rail in what is planned to be our guest room.

Clothes rails in the WIR.

Down pipe.

We’ve also got the local landscape guy to pinch a few of those rocks that we’ve got piled up because of the clearing for the water tanks, though it looks like we’re stuck with the big ones.

Still not sure when exactly the water tanks are going in, should be in the next week and a half, that’s really our next ‘challenge’.


Today was our first glimpse of the paint job on our house. The internal colours are Lexicon by Dulux, and Vivid White for the ceiling. We haven’t really been that phased by the painting stage, we didn’t even go out to check on the progress during the week. As we expected, it’s a normal white like we had hoped. Lexicon is supposed to be the basic ‘cool white’ by Dulux-this is the impression I get anyway from reading various blogs and forums. As long as it didn’t look yellow, it was going to tick all of the right boxes anyway. Yay, box ticking! It looks like it still has a coat or two to go, the eaves have been started. The weatherboard is yet to be started-this is probably the one area we are interested to see, as it is supposed to match the surfmist colour of the garage door. The front door will be timeless grey, at the moment there’s just a base coat. I miss the beautiful natural look of the door, but before long we won’t even remember what it looked like. It also looks like a pipe on the side of the house has been fixed up, as it was sticking out too far for the guys to do the weatherboard. We’ve taken a fairly laid back approach with these types of issues, it’s not really our problem…it’s theirs. So whenever they wanna fix things like that it’s up to them. 
Front door base paint, and painted eaves

Living room

Dining room

Media and study


Fixed pipe/ wacked into place with a hammer…