The Seventh Week

This week the roof got done, and now the baths and windows are in!

They’ve also got the external doors there but they aren’t in.

We’ve got our rough-in meeting with the electrician this week, very short notice on that one, that’s a bit annoying.  But I’ve been looking forward to it for months.

Our driveway got fixed up on the weekend, and the SS is happy with that!


We just got back from seeing our brand new Colorbond Shale Grey roof. We love it….but there’s a but.
We kind of thought it would be darker! To the point where when we got there our first reaction was ‘umm, did they accidentally give us the wrong roof colour?’ It was so bright we thought they had accidentally given us a roof in Surfmist. Luckily, we love it anyway, and we are super happy that there will be a good level of contrast between the roof and bricks. We’ve realised we were probably more looking to get the next darkest one called Windspray to get the look we were going for. When you look at samples indoors they look darker, we never actually thought to take the sample outside and see how bright and reflective it is.

Tip for people who haven’t chosen their roof colour yet: take the samples outside in the sunlight! 🙂

Here’s a pic of our beautiful new roof:


Today I was lucky enough to be home to receive a whole heap of painting related goods from Shurline which I won through a Country Home Ideas magazine competition. I’m so excited about it. It’s such a relevant prize for us, we are really excited to try out some of this stuff when we eventually get started on our feature walls. The reality is, we wouldn’t have even bought half of this useful stuff and probably would have only got the basic rollers and a few paint brushes to try and do the job. Now we’re all decked out to feel like we can do a good job. The Bunnings vouchers will go to good use too! We never seem to win anything, so this was awesome!


I decided to try out the panorama function on our camera today, I couldn’t figure it out, so I just took three pics and merged them in photoshop 😉

It gives a good perspective of the house and the surrounding areas.

End of week six

They’ve done the gutters, and the roofers are going to get cracking next.

Energex have notified us that there will be no electrical service on Thursday, so I hope that doesn’t mess things up too much!

We’re still working on getting the driveway sorted out, I met with a guy that does landscaping and earth moving to help us out, but I still don’t know when that could be done.

The construction manager called today and warned that we might have to get a retaining wall – more surprises!  Nothing definite yet.  

We also spoke about the issue with the meterbox which shouldn’t be there, I really hope they can resolve it because it’s on the plans so they have trouble getting past that – I was told by head office back in March that this kind of electrical thing would be sorted out on site, since obviously it doesn’t make sense to have two meter boxes.

There’s also a conduit that got smashed by a framer’s nail, it looks like it could be fixed, so I hope they do!

So we do have a couple things to feel a little stressed about.

I just sent a deposit to get the phone contractor to install a 24 point Cat6 ethernet network.  That’s also terrifying because my plans are pretty specific and I can just see someone screwing it up – it’s been difficult to even get to this point and having someone be able to echo back to me what I want in a quote – it has been months of back-and-forth with various companies and contractors.

Here are some photos of where the house is at:

What a difference a week makes!

We’ll be making lots of visits to the block over the next few days. We just got back from a visit to the block with Daniel’s parents. Tomorrow we are taking my Brother, Sister in law and their Son out for a look. Then Monday Daniel is going out in the afternoon to meet with a guy who will be helping to fix up the driveway.
We haven’t really had many updates about the schedule lately, so we were surprised to see how much had changed since we saw it Thursday afternoon. 

Where’s Wally (Daniel), try to spot him, haha!

It looks like a proper house now, or at least the shape of one!

Oh… wow

I got an email from our awesome neighbour last night saying part of our frame was up.  Looks like the progress is coming along nicely now because when we went out there just now this is what we found…

I reckon I could finish the rest off myself, this is looking like a house now!

End of week 5

This week the framers got started, and had a two-day rain setback on thursday and friday.  We’re also working on fixing up our driveway a bit, though I don’t think we’ll be able to do what we want since they’re using the area of the driveway right in front of the house to dump all the supplies and have even built some kind of makeshift skip there.  Here are some photos from today showing where it’s all up to…

Temporary blinds

I’ve kind of been freaking out over what type of window coverings we will need, but especially how much it is going to cost. I came to the realisation recently that even if we ‘tack sheets on the windows’, I don’t actually own enough sheets to do that, plus I would want to buy 3M hooks to put them up without ruining the newly painted walls.

So I went on a bit of a hunt for some other options and came across something called Redi Shade, produced by an American company. They can be purchased through Ezyblind Window Solutions in Australia. Unfortunately there are aren’t many colour choices or types through Ezyblind, they only stock the black blockout blinds and the white privacy shades, they also only come in one size. Nevertheless, it seemed like the best option, and the longest lasting ‘temporary’ solution.

I used my leave loading pay from my week off to get them and they had free delivery. They were about $60 for 6 shades. I ended up buying two packs, one of the blockout shades, and one of the white privacy shades. They arrived on Monday, so it basically only took about 5 days.

Here’s a picture of the white ones from the Redi Shade website

On close inspection, they are essentially just cardboard folded concertina style. Basically they just stick on to the top of the window frame. Despite the fact that I just paid what is likely a whopping amount for 12 pieces of cardboard, I’m actually fairly happy with them. The idea of either finding a way to tack up sheets or rush to find the money to get some proper window coverings was actually stressing me out. I feel good that we can put them up within a few seconds and be ready to go with no fussing around until we are ready to start looking into window covering options.

The amount I have is probably going to be enough to cover our bedroom bay window, the study and media room windows, and our long windows in the living room.

Now if only I could buy a lounge chair and dining table made of cardboard boxes and I’d be right.

Sunday Funday

Well, not much has really been happening house wise.

On Thursday the carpenter went out to do our frames and gave up because it was just raining too much. So, I guess they will be able to go out this week, though the builder never really said what the new plan would be.

We’ve also been asked to work out a solution to our steep driveway. For me this is kind of frustrating, as this is the type of thing that could have been brought up and addressed months ago. Instead, we will be rushing to try and sort out some earth moving people as well as some clean fill and road base. The builder figured we would be doing this eventually anyway, and has requested that we do it now to make it easier for when the bricks are delivered. Yay for last minute, rushed, not thoroughly researched expenses! Joy! I guess it’s obvious how I feel about this, haha!

We also stepped in to the bank yesterday to authorise payment of the base stage to the builder. Not exciting so much,  seems like an important step.

Despite the lack of movement at the block, we are still pretty excited that we now have a slab. This morning we went to the block with my Brother, Sister in Law, Nephew and Niece. It was fun to do a tour of the ‘house’ and show them where everything will be. The kids had a ball running all over the slab, I thought they’d be bored!

It’s my Birthday tomorrow, and I will be working all day, so we tried to make this weekend a bit of a faux birthday. I’d say it has turned out pretty nicely. It has included a fun little shopping trip where we didn’t buy anything (yay for saving), Sizzler for Saturday night dinner and our family block trip this morning. I’m also currently typing on a brand spankin new laptop from my lovely boy Daniel, proving yet again that he is amazing and the best gift giver ever! I’ve desperately needed a new laptop since the beginning of the year, but we have tried to make the old one last as long as possible, even by gluing it back together. The old one is literally falling apart beyond repair, so this couldn’t have come at a better time. It was an excellent surprise!

Cute kidlets running around, they loved it!

Week 4 wrap up

It’s hard to believe it has been 4 weeks since our start date.  We had a solid first week, but then a couple weeks where not much happened.  This week we’ve seen the slab preparation, and today I went out and got to see the concreters putting the final touches on the slab.  It was very muddy and difficult to walk around, but the guys out there seemed to be in good spirits and quite positive about the cool wet weather and said that it would cure the slab nicely.

Plumbing in preparation for slab.
Styrofoam pods for the waffle raft slab.
The waffle grid put into place.
Concreters working on the slab.

Expecting to see more action this week with the framers coming out!

Plumbing and Electrical Prep

We have just come back from a late afternoon trip to the block to check on progress. We were excited to see some new additions! 

The mystery meter box, that we weren’t
expecting since we already have one

Waffle Pods!!

Our slab is scheduled for next Monday and Tuesday, and frames to start next Thursday. Hoping the weather has a quick turn around from the current forecasts!

Piers and mud

Oh my god Brisbane, why is it so cold right now! I really feel for the poor tradies who are working on our block, it’s always even colder out there.

We had been told that they would be ‘starting’ to prepare for our slab yesterday. However, every time we have driven out there in the past week we had been a bit disappointed to find there was absolutely no change. There’s been a delay of about 2 weeks since we got our site scrape on the 12th of June.

So yesterday as we were driving out to the block we were getting really excited and hoping for the best. We followed a concrete truck for part of the way and I became convinced it was going to our block…it wasn’t.

Then as we were a street away we saw a ute heading back in toward the city, and I got excited again, as it was hopefully proof that someone had actually been working on the block. Woo!

Here’s the evidence we found when we got there!

The first piece of evidence that work had been happening at the block.
The Coral Homes sign had been added! Yay!

The next piece of evidence. Most likely, no-one has ever been as
excited to see wet concrete dregs on their driveway as us!

We have piers, yo!

Look at those beautiful piers.

All that was left to do was drive home.
Look how beautiful the moon was at dusk!
This photo just doesn’t do it justice.