Santa has been!

We picked up our order from Beacon Lighting at Windsor this morning. We are very happy with our selections. We didn’t realise until we got there how much space it would take up in the car!

Real life Tetris, our little car packed full to the brim

All of our goodies, after thoroughly checking they were the right ones with no damage

It was pretty exciting going through all of the lights and fans. I really love our pendants for the kitchen and beside the bed, they are going to look so sweet!

As far as we know, we are meant to be getting our slab in the next few days. Will keep you all posted!

Ace on the House

Since there’s nothing to report on the build this week I thought I’ll take this downtime to let you in on a little show I’ve been listening to.

It’s a podcast show for home improvement, DIY, and all that sort of stuff.  It’s called On The House and it’s hosted by Adam “the funniest carpenter since Jesus” Carolla.  
I’ve been listening for a couple weeks now, and I’ve learnt a lot!  
It’s very inspirational and motivating to get working on your own home projects, and I’ve learnt a lot about tools, and the lingo used in the building industry.  Not to mention a few tips on home building I wish I’d got to consider before building.

I’m already planning a retaining wall I want to build, and I fixed Lauren’s laptop hinges.  I just feel more confident to be ‘handy’ listening to this stuff.

Anyway listen to the show on this website or look it up on iTunes.  It’s free.  I usually just stick my headphones on at work and listen to a show or two throughout the day, they’re about an hour each.

I found out about it because I listen to Penn’s Sunday School which is part of Adam Carolla’s ACE Broadcasting Network, and Adam and Penn were on The Celebrity Apprentice together.  Trump fired them both.
Adam is hilariously offensive too, so it’s win-win really.
Get it on!

Let there be light!

Last night we were watching our nightly dose of The Block when the ad for Beacon Lighting came on saying that they were having an end of financial year sale. We’d had a few issues with neighbours that day, so it was really nice to focus on something more uplifting instead. 

We leapt onto their site straight away and discovered that the majority of things we have already chosen had anywhere from $2 to $40 off!!!

We present to you:

Tahitian fan for our outdoor area
3x Amadora pendant light for the kitchen island
2x Mara II Drum Pendant for each side of the bed
Plus about 50 billion Neptune Round Downlights

I think they are all going to look spectacular!

Week 1 Photos

Well it’s been a week since earthworks began and we met our Site Supervisor.  Here are some of the things that appeared on the block that made it feel like things are now underway.

Portable Toilet 
Home Sewage Treatment Plant
Temporary Power Box
Temporary Water Tank


We’ve had a few things to cross off the list to help with the progress, but it’s been a tad stressful.

We had to get our electricity hooked up to a temporary metre, that ended up going well. Daniel and his Dad (who is a licenced Electrician) spent about 5 hours at the block on Saturday setting it up. One thing ticked off the list!

Building pad with newly setup temporary power in the background, and a lot more dirt
and ripped up grass than we expected. 

We also have our wonderful neighbours (who happen to be tree loppers) chopping some trees down for us. They haven’t been done yet, but we really appreciate their help at such short notice. We just have to clear the area for the water tanks to go in.

Finally, we had to organise potable water for the builders. This forms part of our contract, but all along we have been told not to worry about it, and that we would be told where to get it and that it would only be a few hundred dollars. When we met with our site supervisor he was very surprised that we hadn’t already organised it, and not very impressed that we had been told that he would be the one directing us on that. So we hopped to it as quickly as possible. We did manage to find a guy within a day who agreed to do it, for a much higher price than had been suggested all along. Well what a nightmare that has turned out to be. Every single day since last Wednesday the guy has said ‘Yep, I’ll do it tomorrow’. Then tomorrow rolls around and it doesn’t get done. Daniel has called this guy every single day since last Wednesday, and every single time he has said he will do it ‘tomorrow’. Six days later, it’s finally done. 

Aside from that, we’ve noticed a lot of other progress at the block too. The house has been marked out. It was really nice to walk around and look at where everything will be. It was also a relief to realise we have enough space around the house for a bobcat to fit for when we start landscaping. Our HSTP has also been installed and the sprinkler area seems to be all setup.

I’m very much looking forward to getting these last few things sorted and handing over as much of the responsibility as possible to the builder.

And just for your viewing pleasure:

A local bull ( I think?)

It begins

Well folks, the day has arrived.  The site was cut today!

Before and After of the site works

We met with the Site Supervisor afterwards, and have learnt of a few things we need to get cracking, like a few more trees to be removed, potable water for the builders, and the temporary power for the site.  We have a bit to do, there are some forms we need filled in by anyone visiting the site, and the water for the builders needs to be there ASAP.

The builders key is now in our possession, though there is nothing to unlock yet 😛

Our Home Sewage Treatment Plant consultant was also out on site, and she suggested we move our poop tank from near our Outdoor Dining Area to somewhere more accessible and away from the house.  Good call I guess!


Just one of our little friends who likes to visit our piece of paradise in the bush. 

We’ve been out to the block this morning to do some last minute preparation before everything starts on Tuesday. Daniel and his Dad both did some whipper snipping. I did what I do best… supervise 🙂

When we went today we found evidence that someone from Coral had been out there, there were some stakes marking the cut and fill area. It felt a bit like Santa had been! Fingers crossed that everything gets off to a good start on Tuesday.