Bits and pieces

I’ve been thinking a lot about the look and feel I want our new house to have. We will finally have the space to actually decorate how we want. Additionally, we will actually be able to decorate the walls (our apartment had concrete walls which made it very hard to drill into). There will be a lot of nooks and areas to fill with beautiful furniture and special pieces. At the moment we have enough belongings to fill a small apartment. So when we move into the house there are going to be a lot of empty areas for quite a while. A few people have been trying to convince us that we should start buying cheap furniture and second hand items. To be honest, we don’t want to do that. We will get what we need as we want it, and we will slowly find items that we absolutely love and think will fit well with the look we are going for. It seems pointless to fill the house with dodgy chipboard furniture just for the sake of filling it.

For now, I’ve got a lot of ideas for projects and things I want to do once we have the house. Being on Pinterest has certainly given me a few ideas too!

Here are just a few of the things which will feature in our house, as well as a few craft ideas I’m working on:

This desk and seat was Daniel’s gift to me for our
5th Anniversary (The traditional theme for the 5th year is wood).

These two little silver beauties are new, I love them,
we will need to find a spot for them to show off their cuteness.
My birdcage.

The birdcage was a gift from my social work lovelies. I love it (and them) to bits and I really want to find the perfect spot for it in the house where it can be the star.

 Daniel recently got me this green bottle from Mary Ryan’s, he’s cottoned on to my bottle obsession. The plan for the clear bottles is to strip them of their stickers, and then swirl paint on the inside. One day when I finally get around to doing something with them I will add some after shots.

 I’m working on some cushions with these pretties. The stripey one is being used to make a ‘bow’ pillow. I absolutely love the grey and yellow one. I love them all!

Little update

Well we had our final selections meeting at Robina yesterday afternoon. We were at Robina Town Centre picking up some lunch just prior to our meeting. So we were very shocked to hear about the shooting that occurred there. Very glad we had left before that happened!

The final selections meeting consisted mostly of filling out paperwork since we had already made the majority of decisions at the previous meeting. We made a few minor changes including changing the colour of the down pipes to match the brick. We are also getting frosted glass in the front door, and double mirrors on all of the wardrobes in the spare bedrooms. Very happy with those changes, and so glad we asked about the mirrors in the bedrooms. It should be around $25 per mirrored door, at that price it’s much better than buying individual free standing mirrors later.

We are also signing up to a new service offered by Clipsal, where we will sit down and do our electrical plan and get a fairly accurate quote. We have been trying to get a quote from the electrician for the past month, so this will be very helpful!

We are still waiting on Council. We’ve had to provide additional information about our bushfire management plan and our external colours. We are still extremely nervous about this part of the process. Fingers crossed everything goes through smoothly.

Also, Daniel has been updating the land page with a few things that have happened with the block, for those who are interested.

(PS: Hi Shamus!)

The wall.

So, we are getting the wall!

Turns out that it is rather affordable and is being drawn up straight away. The measurements have worked out well and we think it will fit perfectly into our bedroom. It seems like it was meant to be. Especially that it will still sit well with our bay window. It definitely fixes the worries I had about the length of the bedroom. Can’t wait to start turning it into a feature wall. We also need to pick out some pendant lights which will hang down on both sides of the bed instead of having lamps.

Meanwhile, we are still waiting on council approval. We’ve been working on maintaining the block a lot more than usual. Over the Summer/Christmas period we were so busy every weekend with house planning that it got a little bit out of control. We ended up getting a guy to come and mow/brush cut. Now that we have more time on our hands, we are getting back into it. We’ve been mowing, brush-cutting, weeding along the fence line and killing as many weeds as we can. It will be SO much easier when we actually live out there and can just pop outside to do some gardening rather than having to drive out there and take everything with us.

Really looking forward to our tree change, fingers crossed.

Planning alert!

As you may know we are waiting for approval on our Development Application with the council.  Something I’ve been very nervous about as it’s the last “will it happen?” kind of hurdle we have to jump before getting into construction.

A few weeks ago I subscribed to a free service called which would email me if anyone had put in a planning application within 2km of a nominated address.  Of course I put in the address of our property.

Earlier this week I was notified about someone building on the next street over, and just a few minutes ago, an email came through with our property address!

Material Change of Use – Development Permit for Dwelling House (Overlays)
We found this application for you on the planning authority’s website about 4 hours ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

The status on the council’s website is listed as “Info & Referral Stage”, which is apparently the second of five stages.  Still a ways to go, and we’re definitely not up to the crucial bits, but at least it’s something.

  1. Application stage
  2. Information and referral stage
  3. Notification stage
  4. Decision stage
  5. Compliance stage

Paint, paint, paint.

Today we are off to check out paint colours now that the world has started turning again and Bunnings is open. We’ve had a lovely few days hiking with family, going to the movies, and obsessing over the house like usual. It will be nice one day when more of our conversations revolve around something other than the house again.

We are all set to look at the Lexicon colours, but I’m not sold on any in particular just yet. We shall see. We’ll also wait to hear back about this bedroom wall idea to see if it’s viable. That Daniel, he’s an ideas man. As long as it’s affordable and we can make it work, then I’m in. It’s definitely a huge bedroom, particularly in length-which I have been a bit uncomfortable about. So this might be a good solution.

Meanwhile my friend Fiona is about 2 months ahead on their build and I’m loving the pictures on Facebook of their frame going up. Very exciting to think that if all goes to plan that will be us soon!


Here are our selections so far! They look a little drab in photo form, but we are very happy that we have stuck with our instincts. It’s very much a grey and white theme, which I love. My favourite combinations are grey, white and yellow, or grey, white and red. So I guess you can tell what colour scheme all of our accessories, appliances and decor might be!


Slate (Boral) brick with off-white mortar
Surf Mist (Colorbond) fascia, down pipes, garage door and weatherboard (Dulux paint to match)
Shale Grey (Colorbond) roof and gutter
Timeless Grey (Dulux) front door
White Pearl (Dowel) windows (not pictured)


Ice Grey (Beaumont) main floor tile
Sector Gloss White (Beaumont) splash-back tile
Antarctic Stone (Laminex) bench tops
Deep Anthracite (Formica) kitchen cabinetry


Charcoal Textured (Beaumont) floor tile and skirting
Ribbon Charcoal (Beaumont) bath hub and shower feature decor
Still Grey (Beaumont) wall tile 
Deep Anthracite (Formica) bench top
Polar White (Laminex) cabinet


Ice Grey (Beaumont) laundry floor tile (Smaller version of main floor tile)
Ribbon Charcoal (Beaumont) splash-back behind laundry tub


Slate Grey (Colorbond) water tanks
We’ve chosen Slate Grey (AKA Colorbond Woodland Grey) for our tanks. The main reason is that due to the shape of our block, the tanks will be very visible. Any light or bright colours will draw a lot of attention as they reflect light. So we’ve chosen a dark colour in the hope that we can put a garden around them and blend them in a bit more than if they were bright green for example. We considered matching them to the house, but they won’t actually be right up against the house, so there’s not much point in trying to match. 

Colour Selection and Finishes

Daniel and I have had a fun filled few days. We both had a 3 day week which was lovely, but also stressful trying to get everything done at work in time.

On Thursday afternoon we went to our selections meeting at Robina with Coral Homes. We schlepped all of our tiles, bricks and paperwork in with us to help make the process easier. We weren’t sure what to expect and personally I felt under prepared. We had a few ideas, mostly relating to the garage door and weatherboard colours, and our kitchen colours. Once we got there, things were underway fairly quickly. We met with our consultant Rachel who was very helpful and made the process quite straightforward and informative.

The venue is just like a giant showroom full of samples. Pretty much, we went through everything marking it off in order on our paperwork as we went. We started with the outside of the house and worked our way to the inside. Not too many issues which was good. We were initially disappointed to find that our plan for having a dark charcoal front door was not meant to be. Our consultant informed us that dark based colours are known to warp the door within 2 years due to it drawing heat. However, we found a white based grey so that it wasn’t too far off what we were looking for. We still need to decide on an internal paint colour and kitchen cupboard handles. The only thing we are paying extra for so far is frosted glass in the front door for privacy (very important for pretending you aren’t home).

Everything went fairly well and I realised we were fairly well prepared after all. We are booked in for our final meeting in a few weeks. Hopefully things will continue to go smoothly. The main concern at the moment is about Council approval, then we might finally be able to breathe easy.

Here is a video showcasing what Coral Homes customers can expect from a colour selections and finishes meeting.